Dr. Ashraf Chohan

Chairman CFONHS

Dr. Ashraf Chohan is a passionate and experienced medical doctor who worked in NHS from1988 untill retiremnet. Originally born in Pakistan and did hid MBBS in Pakistan, came to British isles in 1985 and worked for his training for FRCS and completed FRCS in 1989. Then he went on to train as surgeon in England.
He took up a job in Kingston Hospital in 1993 and since then he is settled in Kingston upon Thames in the south west London. He has supported conservatives party locally since then. He is now working with CCHQ as ambassador of the leaders group for fund raising, increasing membership nationally and getting support for the party from NHS workforce.
In 2002 after he lost his father to Alzheimer’s, he started working for care of elderly through charitable and business ventures. He now owns a portfolio of Private Nursing care business and a couple of private limited companies which provide medical services in the UK.
He is chair of the Human Care Trust since 2000, a charitable organization for the elderly homeless in London.His surgery in central London provides free sleeping bags to homeless all around the year to the walk in homeless people.
DrChohan was co chairman of conservative Asian Link a forum linking British Indian and Pakistanis with Conservative ( 2005-2013).
In 2007 DrChohan passed conservative parliamentary candidate assessment board.
He has served as a MPA (member of the Punjab assembly Parliament)for five years after winning through an open election and helped to establish a basic health care system there.
DrChohan holds many awards for his commitment to community cohesion and social justice.
As co chairman of the Pakistan/India UK friendship forum, Dr. Chohan has elaborate experience of working towards unity, cohesiveness, toleration and harmony. He actively works for interfaith harmony.
He is chairman of conservatives friends of NHS. He wants to work in the medical sector and public communications to reduce waiting list times in hospitals, improve access to GP practices for the community and build harmony in the wonderfully diverse NHS. He wants to build on the enduring values shared between the NHS and the Conservative Party. He wants that CFONHS Serves as a point of contact for the Conservative Party to engage with NHS and health care professionals and Creat understanding of issues faced by medical / NHS workers of all levels. His aim is to help in campaign of conservative party through wide membership of CFONHS across the country.
Dr. Chohan has been married to Romana for 31 years. They have two sons who are law graduates and both of them work in London and enjoy playing cricket.

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