Webinar was well attended on 23/11/20
Maria Said
“I am delighted to be part of cfonhs as a nurse. I believe this forum was essential to counter labour claims. Conservatives is real party of NHS. I am very happy to be patron of cfonhs. I would like to see many more medics in the parliament. As a doctor or nurse you are more aware of health NHS and and every thing related to it “

Webinar was well attended on 02/12/20
Bim Said
” I really enjoyed talking to this group of NHS Drs Nurses and other workers and I was amazed to see them supporting Conservatives party. This was not the case before ever. I will always support this group ”

Webinar was well attended on 08/12/20
Dr James Davies (MP) Said 
” I am delighted to join CFONHS and happy to be a patron. Its a privilege to be a doctor and an MP. I will support CFONHS in making it a big and effective link between NHS workers, Doctors, nurses,carers paramedics and admin staff and the Conservatives party ”

Webinar was well attended on 11/12/20

Trudy Harrison Said

I still can not believe I am MP.Copeland has elected me as first Conservative MP since 1931 and a woman MP first time ever.I could not believe my ears when I had a call form Boris telling me to be PPS.I have come long way form not being GCSE to my graduation hard work and MP.I will work with CFONHS to Make sure we get work of conservatives acknowledged by NHS staff.

Webinar was well attended on 15/12/20
Dr Liam Fox said

I am delighted to be patron of CFONHS.This forum is very vital for policy on health.Health is before sickness. Spend on good health not on illness.Diabetes cost NHS million per hour. Shed few pounds and get rid of diabetes.Along with other patrons I will be working with NHS as patron.

Webinar was well attended on 15/12/20

Shaun was so brilliant in the webinar. He was asked questions of all kinds by the members of CFONHS which he answered with confidence and logic. He was asked how he is a better candidate than Sadiq khan. He explained his plans for London how will he control knife crime traffic parking issues cyclists lanes confession charge. Shaun impressed all our members who became his staunch supporters after this webinar.

Webinar was well attended on 11/01/21

Laura said:

“ CFONHS is a group that we always needed. Conservatives support NHS always and we needed social interaction. Dr Chohan has done a commendable job to set up this group. I would love to be one of the patron and will ask all medical people to join this group. “


Nadhim Zahawi is UK minister is for deployment of COVID vaccination.

He came to the UK at the age of 12 from Iraq and he was educated in the UK.

He went on to do engineering and then set up a company called youGov He is MP from 2010

In the webinar with CFONHS he said that he was delighted to be here. He said that the NHS doctors and the NHS nurses are doing extremely well in our vaccine roll out plan. Our vaccination process is one of the fastest in the world. We have vaccinated more than 9 million people already

He was very pleased to see CFONHS playing such a strong role in such a short time to fill the gap in politics to link NHS staff to the conservatives party.Labour had been wrongly claiming that NHS was their creation where is the fact is that conservatives party has been investing in NHS and Boris led government has announced funding and support for NHS more than ever before
He said that he would like to see CFONHS progressing more and more in the coming days.

Imran Ahmad Khan who is already patron of CFONHS. He spoke to our members in the webinar on the evening of 18th of March 2021.
Imran said: That existence of CFONHS is extremely essential for Conservative Party. This was the link which was missing and now we are leading in contacting NHS staff across the country which has done amazing job during Covid-19. I Support NHS workers.
My father was an NHS doctor. My mother and grandmother were nurses. I have always been around the doctors. I feel doctors, NHS employees are amazing group of people and bringing them closer to Conservative Party is an amazing job done by Dr. Ashraf Chohan.
I will always support Conservative Friends of NHS and will do anything which this group will ask me to do and to improve relationships with the government and with NHS.

Victoria Grace Ford is a UK minister for the Department for Education, with responsibility for children and families. She was appointed for this role in February 2020. She comes from a medical family. Following her campaign, a medical school was opened at Anglia Ruskin University in 2018.

During the webinar with CFONHS she said that she was delighted to be here. She said that the NHS doctors and the NHS nurses are doing extremely well.
She spoke about her dedication in making sure mental health and wellbeing is at the heart of recovery.

She was passionate to see more women from diverse backgrounds in leadership roles. She spoke about inspiring women to overcoming barriers in taking up leadership roles. 

Vicky further emphasized the importance of early years support and shared her work for children and families.

She was very pleased to see CFONHS playing such a strong role in such a short time to fill the gap in politics to link NHS staff to the conservative's party.

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